The air is thick and humid, exotic flowers dangle delicately from tangled vines. Plants from disparate lands find themselves tightly intertwined. Amidst the subtle drone of spinning fans you will not hear the songs of birds or chirps of insects. Yet, an otherworldly light peeks between the branches through a grid of steel and glass. The light gives life to these places-- glimmering in from another world.

    These works, made from a combination of digital printing and hand-painting on raw linen explore the greenhouse as a metaphoric space. One that flutters between sublime wilderness and hermetically sealed enclosure. By pairing the natural, old-world materiality of raw linen with the use of digital technologies these works invoke a sense of being misplaced in time: hovering between pre-modern painting traditions and digital imaging. As such, they mirror the space of the “Greenhouse”-- lost between something auratic and something technological.